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Exposure is precious. Early exposure is even more precious.

Given between material possession and equivalent valuable experience, which one is more important?

Would you prefer iPhone 15 full accessories OR all-paid expenses to visit Mecca on Hajj pilgrimage?

The answer varies from person to person, and there’s no wrong answer as well. I on the other hand, would rather choose getting the experience.

At 21, Khairul Aming got his first DSLR camera to pursue immense interest in photography. He is awarded Creator of The Year, TikTok Awards Malaysia 2023. Noh Salleh started out as studio assistant before becoming successful musicians. Former Prime Minister Najib Razak is the son of late Prime Minister Tun Razak. When Laksamana Cheng Ho was a young boy, he was captured by the army general, placed to serve in the palace, directly under the Emperor. He became the greatest Admiral in Chinese history. Many great hackers tinkered with computers at a very young age – I know because my good friend is one of such.

You heard many stories like these: Young people started out from bottom and grew to became great figure and widely known. But where/how they started is the main interest here. In other words, what early exposure they had?

Success is not only about hard work

I know success is hard. I apologize in advance if I oversimplify or underrate the meaning of success to you. Not only success requires hard work, but…

Everyone can become successful, if according to this formula:

education + early exposure = success

The prime reason why we send children to school at young age is because we want to give them both of the above: early exposure to valuable experiences and basic knowledge.

The Chinese send their youngs to rigorous formal schooling and tuitions, almost often very strict about it. The Malays, especially in rural areas, send their children to mengaji (learning to read Quran). MRSM Kuching organized visit to UNIMAS Faculty of Medicine & Health Science for their Form 5 students.

The pattern is always the same in many cultures and society – exposing the young generation early on to skills/experiences they deem as important.

“melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya”

Malay proverb
English equivalent to “strike while the iron is hot”

Never underestimate the power of early exposure.

If you were to choose between experience and material possession, consider getting the experience. Exposure will give you the confidence and good confidence is one of the traits of successful people.

Warning: early exposure to bad things works too. Beware what you expose your children with.